Dear founder or sales leader. Your revenue in EMEA AWAITS!

Dear founder or sales leader.
Your revenue in EMEA AWAITS!


The Challenge We're Solving

The EMEA market offers massive potential for aspiring SaaS companies. Building a solid foundation to attract a skilled and culturally matched sales force is fundamental to your growth!

That's why we're here! ✅

As sales leaders & team builders, we’ve experienced first-hand the common headwinds that many companies unnecessarily face when building out GTM teams in EMEA, burning through cash and time! We've responded to this ongoing challenge by building our own sales consultancy to help founders and sales leaders avoid these challenges and make EMEA a true success!

The Companies We're Helping

There are two types of clients we work with.
where does YOUR COMPANY FIT?

The Riser

Current Status

– Startup stage
– Determining product-market fit
– Limited sales resources

  Milestone Objectives

– Establish a repeatable sales process
– Acquire & onboard 100 customers.

 Service Model




 Latest Funding Round

Seed, Series A

The Globetrotter

Current Status

– Scale-up stage

– Validated product market fit

– Unit economics are sustainable

Milestone Objectives

– Open & grow EMEA operations 

– EMEA to contribute 30% of total ARR

Service Model




 Latest Funding Round

Series A, B, C or D

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How we help!

The Land & Expand strategy is one of the most prominent and effective methods for DEVELOPING great RELATIONSHIPS WITH CUSTOMERS.
The most important underlying component =

The Riser

  • Review and identify gaps with the current business unit economics.
  • Align with the leadership team on Product, People & Processes objectives.  
  • Define market segment, target accounts and ICP.
  • Deliver revised sales-materials, which are validated against target ICP. 
  • Deliver a sales playbook to increase ACV, reduce sales cycle and improve pipeline conversion rates.
  • Manage & coach deals from qualification through to close.
  • Deliver a sales interview programme.
  • Hire and coach first  Account Executives.


  • Source Site Lead / EMEA GM, Regional Sales Directors or Senior Account Executives.
  • Co-define the EMEA cultural objectives and ensure it aligns to the company culture . 
  • Determine revenue goals and metrics. 
  • Determine ideal hiring profile and timelines.
  • Define remote onboarding content & schedule.
  • Launch hiring process!
  • Launch effective remote sales onboarding (and conduct if necessary).
  • Onboard top GTM  talent remotely, or in EMEA HQ.
  • Coaching during rep-ramp to close larger ACV deals, faster!

Our Approach

Initial Consultation

Before take off, we need to understand what is that you are trying to achieve. During your initial consultation our advisor will delve deep to get a clear picture of your company's current state, your future state objectives, and the measurements you have (and will have) for success .

Guided Workshop

After analysing the quantitative & qualitative feedback from the company leaders about the current & future state, our advisor will run a collaborative strategy workshop to identify the gaps and highlight the growth opportunities in EMEA. Post-workshop, our advisors will draft a 90 day action plan.


As with any great structure, there needs to be a solid foundation. Our advisor will aim to complete all Land commitments within 45-90 days from the partnership start date, before launching towards your revenue objectives!🤝


Once you've successfully Landed, you will Expand with either your newly deployed sales strategy & model, or with your new sales team in EMEA in place. Our advisor will partner with you to ensure your 3-12 month growth objectives are achieved, and that the partnership deliverables are reached!

Let's Chat!

smash your growth goals and win in your territory. Let’s make this happen together.
smash your growth goals and win in your territory. Let’s make this happen together.

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